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Tagging Schedule

Tagging Schedule below

Friday (1700-2000hrs)

Gilmers - Sgt Walter, AC Paisey

Independent - F/Sgt Groves, Cpl Benetin

Giant Tiger - Sgt Dukes, LAC Yates

AC Ingram

Saturday (0800-1600hrs)

Gilmers - WOI Burnett, Cpl Campbell

Independent - LAC Yates, Sgt Dukes

Suntree - Sgt Walter, Cpl Trites

Pharmasave - Sgt Chadwick, LAC Schillaci


Gilmers - Sgt Walter, AC Ingram

Independent - F/Sgt Groves, LAC Braun

Giant Tiger - Sgt Chadwick, AC Paisey

Pharmasave - WO1 Burnett

Suntree (1200-1600) - LAC Yates, Sgt Dukes

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