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Familiarization Flight

The information we have at this time is below. We will update everyone as the information becomes available to us. The other units involved is 598 (Cobourg) and 172 (Clarington). Lunch is provided (if you have not previously identified any dietary restrictions please be sure to do so). Original Health card must be on the cadets person before we depart. Transportation will be provided, and details will be made available once we have them.

The cadets who have confirmed attending are as follows in no particular order:

1. Braun,C - LAC

2. Burnett, J - WOII

3. Charron, A - F/Sgt

4. Dukes, C - sgt

5. Hazelaar (Walter), S - Sgt

6. Kemp-Ingram, A - Cdt

7. Paisey, D - Cdt

8. Schillaci, B - Cdt

9. Yates, A - LAC

10. Chadwick, W - Sgt

A Cadet Famil Flight has been scheduled for 16 March at 8 Wing Trenton. The flight will be on one of the 437 Sqn Airbus (C-150 Polaris, similar to that pictured below).

Tentative timings will be as follows: 1030 arrival in Trenton and 1200 take-off time for a 2-hr familiarization flight. Following the flight a tour of other aircraft (C-130J, C-17) is tentatively scheduled as well.

Again details will be provided as we get them. If you are listed as attending and become unable to attend please inform the DutyO immediately.

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