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Details for tagging coming soon

Tagging details will be posted by midweek.

DND provides the staff, the cadets' uniforms, some training materials, and the funding/materials for FTX's. Most other funds come from unit fundraisers organized by the sponsoring committee. Gliding is provided by the Air Cadet League of Canada, Ontario Provincial Committee (funded by the

Tagging is the units main source of funds and it is mandatory for all cadets. 100% of the funds raised in tagging go back to the cadet in one way or another. A cadet can be excused with a valid excuse provided to the CO. Poor participation from cadets may result in cancellation of optional events.

What is a 'tag day'

"A day on which contributions to a fund are solicited, each contributor receiving a tag".

Tag Day is an extremely low risk method of raising considerable funds over a weekend. In short, a tag day is when cadets will stand outside of local business (ones that have been approached and permission obtained to do so) and ask "Would you like to help support air cadets" to people entering or leaving. For each donation, the cadet hands out a "tag" (see tagging supplies) which the person can wear showing that they have supported the squadron.

The funds raised by the unit are the responsibility of the sponsoring committee. The units uniformed staff do not have access in any way.

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