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Air Show

Those who are attending the Air Show should meet at the Port Hope High School at 0830hrs on 26 June 16. Transportation and Lunch will be provided.

We recommend bringing a folding chair, a backpack with some small snacks. These snacks must be sealed (ie granola bars). Pack light, you will have to carry what you bring for the day. A water bottle is also a must, also, as always you must bring your Health Card to attend. Extra water will be provided. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day, it will be hot. Be sure not to bring anything you dont need, as well be sure your backpack doesnt have any typical forbidden items: All belongings will be searched prior to entry.

Dress has been changed to Civilian Attire - Yukon Shirt or logo-less t-shirt, shorts permitted and close-towed shoes preferred.

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