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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

4 Jun 16 - Community Service Day for the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Details. Cadets are to meet at the Port Hope United Church at 0745hrs. Bring items from kit list, found in operations order. Please note - No shorts, closed towed shoes or work boots, wear sunscreen, bring a water bottle. If you have not already provided the permission form (found in operations order) and waiver.

7 Jun 16 - Town Council Visit - Cadets are to meet at the town hall at 1815 in full dress (C1).

14 Jun 16 - Last training night - Sports night, and summer training information/kit hand out. Joining Instructions (JIs) for 2016 below

26 Jun 16

Air Show trip. Exact details to come. Plan for meeting at the church early morning. Transportation and lunch will be provided. Travelling in Uniform (Summer Dress, C2B)

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